Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Auf bald!" (Hope to see you soon), say the Sisters at Maria-Rickenbach

Sandra from Incantato Tours reports quasi live from Switzerland: "It was a glorious day when we took the cable car up the mountain to visit the Sisters of Maria-Rickenbach in preparation for the upcoming visit of the Mount Marty College groups. The sun was shining as we made our way from the Talstation to Bergstation and, for a few moments, the only noise we heard was the ringing of the cowbells. The panoramic view as we "flew" through the sky was stunning and I believe this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The magnitude of God's creation surrounds the Abbey.

After we check-in at the Abbey's souvenir shop Mother Superior, Sister Maria Jacinta, greeted us warmly and welcomed us into the Sisters' quarters. "So are they really coming this time?" she asked, and I promised her an update after the tour meeting on October 15 in Yankton, SD. Hopeful that this time the answer would be yes, she smiled and insisted she call Sister Andrea, the former Mother Superior, to join us. Sister Andrea has visited the States twice and maintains close connections to Yankton, SD. Together, the Sisters showed us around the Abbey and pointed out many sights they would love to share with you. These sights included the church, the chapel, the meditation room, and a beautiful Nativity that is over 200 years old. They also showed us where the Sisters, who support themselves, work. "You are all welcome to see our textile workshop as well as the herb gardens," both Sisters confirmed.

The sisters are excited to welcome all Mount Marty visitors and share their ministry with you. The spiritual highlight of the visit will surely be the concert by the Mount Marty Choir and the opportunity to celebrate Holy Mass together.

Here is a picture album of the Incantato pre-tour visit:

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